Baby Chick Days at Our Country Store

Every Wednesday is baby chick day at our Country Store! It is a happy day for me because baby chicks are a sign that spring is just around the corner (even if it doesn’t feel like it). Whether you purchase chicks every year or you have never held one, I invite you to experience a baby chick day with me.

On Wednesdays when I walk into the feed store the sound of baby chicks peeping echoes throughout the store. There are boxes and boxes of chicks ready to go to their new homes. If you have never seen a box of chicks before…here they are. (Yes, they are shipped in those cardboard boxes. I know it is hard to believe but they even fly on airplanes in those boxes.)

Are you ready for a peek into the box… it is!

Throughout the day customers arrive to pickup the chicks they have ordered. Slowly the peeping quiets down as the chicks and feed are loaded out. Towards evening, the final box of chicks is sent home to their new family.

As another chick day comes to a close and the feed store is quiet once again, I am happy. Spring is almost here. And if I need another reminder, I know there are more chicks coming next Wednesday.

To learn more about purchasing your own baby chicks or to learn how to raise them go to¬†Duncan’s Poultry.